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BOGDA is a non-profit organisation dedicated to working with Health interventions, humanitarian interventions, environmental sustenance especially among vulnerable people within Cameroon in order that they might reach their God given potential, heal from neglect and abuse to become productive members of the community. We are a 501(c) 3, non-profit Organization and we focus on programs that benefit the children, women, men and the youth especially vulnerable populations. These include, but not limited to: a) Education b) health c) income generating d) training e) environmental sustenance f) humanitarian and g) infrastructure. We focus on projects that help alleviate suffering, poverty and create permanent change in the lives of some of the most hurting, vulnerable, disconnected and disadvantaged members of the society, especially the girls, women, the orphaned, the disabled, children and youth from poor families.

We focus on creating favourable conditions that would encourage individuals to be more productive, self-reliant and peaceful. Main focus of this project is to empower youth by promoting self-reliance and youth economic resilience through education, mentoring and sustainable development solutions. As a 501(c) 3 non-profit, we seek to empower communities in a non-paternalistic and respectful manner to improve quality of life by identifying areas of strength and available resources, then collaborating with locals to find solutions. After all, it’s their community and their projects. We’re simply there as a partner in their community development. “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

At the very centre of every vulnerable child and youth lies the concept of the Inner Light. This principle states that in every human soul there is implanted a certain element of God's own Spirit and divine energy. Balm of Gilead generally believe that first-hand knowledge of God is only possible through that which is experienced, or inwardly revealed to the individual human being through the working of God's quickening Spirit and that’s why we believe in supporting the inner person of every disadvantaged kids to get the skills they need to benefit the community. Although the Inner Light or the Divine Spirit has always been available in both advantaged and disadvantaged kids. Unfortunately, the educational system has not been effective in equipping students with the practical skills required by industries or necessary for self-employment.

In addition to this, the has been no school in the Anglophone regions since 0ctober 2016. Any formal training will receive resistance. Hence this would be a great conflict resilience strategy; youth economic resilience. It is also a prevention strategy that reduces thoughts of revenge and frustration. There has been an emphasis on degree level of education and the effect is being experienced in the job market with too many youths scrambling for white collar jobs and shunning artisan related jobs mainly due to lack of appropriate skill partly due to the unavailability of the avenue to acquire the skills. This has led to high unemployment levels and created a monster in the society. With the idle youths in the society we are experiencing high rates of crime, drug usage, early marriages, prostitution, increased early pregnancies and more youths are available for higher by the politician to undertake their dirty work. Crime and Violence as a result of unemployment and the shortage of opportunities for gainful employment, some young people are drawn to a life of crime.

A crime survey in Nairobi conducted by UN Habitat and the City Council in 2002 found that youth delinquency and crime is a major problem (UN Habitat, 2002). Society’s reaction to youth crime varies. Young people (who are also victims of crime) recognize the pressures that drive their peers to a life of crime. Adult victims are less sympathetic and call for harsh punishment for offenders. The justice system is largely perceived as being slow and corrupt, and many offenders are released after being arrested – much to the frustration of the police as this leads to repeat offences. The UN Habitat study on youth and crime in Nairobi found the major grounds on which young people are arrested are theft, assault, drug possession, mugging, and manslaughter Unfortunately, the majority of children out of school are girls who still face formidable intersecting barriers to education. The greatest looser is the girl child who as per statistics are higher in population than the boy child but lag behind in employment and level of skills.

The project will specifically target female and male youths between the ages of 10 – 35 years in Limbe City. The target group will include street youths, slum youths and other vulnerable youths and will cater for 400 youths (200 female youth) over a one-year period. We are currently focusing on the following segment of the society:

1. There are hundreds of bright (smart) Orphans and girls from poor families, who manage, through all odds, to go to school.
2. There are equally a number of girls and young women out there who dropped out of secondary schools for various reasons, including lack of fees, pregnancy, or any other types of abuses, but are willing to go back, or join skills training institutions for employability skills to help earn a living.

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Charity Specialist
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Fund Specialist
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